Practice Dating In The Real World

When you are ready to take all you have learned online and through books, you will now be able to put your skills to the test. This is where you will call up your family member, friend, or escort and talk to them for a little while to see what types of things they like to do for fun, so you can assess the situation and figure out what type of date would work out well for them.

When talking on the phone, you will be able to get a feel of the persons personality, and will also get the chance to ask them what they like to do. Here during this conversation, you should start thinking about what to plan for your first date with this person. If this person likes sports, you can maybe catch a live game, if the person is a foodie, you can take them to the best restaurant in town, if they like coffee, maybe a nice casual cafe and a walk are in orders. Where ever you choose to take this person on their first date, can either make you or break you, so choose wisely and be sure to pick up on clues as to what they might be interested in.

For an honest opinion with no judgement, your best bet is to go on your first date with an escort. This will ensure that you are actually on a first date with a stranger, and this is what it actually is to be on a first date in reality. You can then learn about your escort and ask her questions as to what you might or might not be doing right or wrong on your date. For a better learning experience your escort will tell you the truth, whereas a family member or friend might just tell you that you are perfect all around, when that might not be the case.